Chris Spooner

20 Oct

I’ve been diagnosed with a serious case of Man Flu, so I’m bunged up to the max, have a voice like Optimus Prime and my joints are full of aches. Nevertheless, I get on with a little work and schedule up an upcoming Sites of the Week post for

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  1. Paul Davis says:

    I really like this style of video.

    I know it’s just a vlog, but the production value does make it better to watch. =]

    I also like the video version of sites of the week! That’ll be cool.

  2. I wish preparing posts was really that quick – especially when the posts include 50+ images like the ones I’ve been doing for Smashing Magazine recently!

    I know how you feel, I’m all bunged up too :( haha!

  3. tiestolexxy says:

    Loving the new video man,hope your feeling better soon! video version of sites of the week would be epic! +1 keeping on posting!


  4. Liam McCabe says:

    Hope ya get better Chris. I have been a fan of you, your work and your sites for a fair while now. I hope to one day lead a similar life to yours :)

    I found this particular video very interesting, with you giving an incite into your graphic design life as well as your daily going ons.

    I’m still trying to catch up on all the videos you’ve made :O but have ya mentioned where you are? Just wondering how close you are to me :) (Aylesbury)

    I would really love to chat with you further (you probably dont :P) but if ya dont mind add me on gtalk or something :)

    Liam McCabe

  5. Chris Spooner says:

    @Paul Davis Thanks! I just simply make the most of iMovie’s easy editing. I bet I’ll have done each of the built in jingles to death in no time though!

    @Callum Chapman Definitely! I also wish putting together the larger posts was easier. I’ve been wanted to boon in some time for a decent length tutorial recently.

    @tiestolexxy Keep an eye out for the video version of weekly favs, I’ll get round to it eventually!

    @Liam McCabe Cheers! I’ll probably be heading more towards design content now I’ve finished up a lot of house jobs, so glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far.

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