Chris Spooner


  1. Congratz buddy!
    good choice of vimeo :-)

    Greets to fiance !

  2. Erik Ford says:

    Many congrats and good luck. I am definitely subscribing to the video diary simply because I know how much courage it takes to put your life out there.

  3. Shivaranjan says:

    Congrats man.. and i will be waiting for your video dairy… :)

  4. cMac says:

    Congrats! I bought a place last year and the feeling you get from actually owning where you live is awesome! Good luck with the move and love your work!

  5. Vasili says:

    Okay, the best part was the last 10ish seconds when you went crazy. Kidding! But it really does make a vlog more personally/humanistic. :)

  6. Trisha Cupra says:

    Congratulations – how exciting. My favourite bit was the ending. Made me laugh.

  7. Congrats, looking forward to seeing the videos!

  8. Congrats on buying the hoose, Chris. Also you come across really well on camera – plenty of charisma. Looking forward to future vlogs :)

  9. Thankyou everyone!

    @Moe, I’m definitely a fan of Vimeo, although it’s a shame the vids can’t be viewed on the iPhone. YouTube has the win there!

    @Erik, @Shivaranjan, @Callum Glad to have you subscribed. I hope the vids live up to expectation haha!

    @Vasili, @Trisha It’s parts like that I consider cutting out, but from when other people’s vlogs it’s those daft personal things that captures me.

    @Ashley, That’s great to hear, thanks. I personally pick out all my faults, but it’s probably the same with everyone when they see/hear themselves!

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