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  1. Daniel Golden says:

    Must be and honor to have your work copied in so many instances.

  2. There’s only one logo that’s amazing beautiful: yours! It’s a shame that there need to be people that rip off your work. You should be inspired by seeing a logo…

  3. Tiago Duarte says:

    I’m a graphic designer and as any designer, research and inspiration are two very important steps of my work chart. But this is strictly disrespecting ripping off of your work.

    I admire you for taking it so lightly and even maybe laugh about it.

    Keep up the good work and please, the good spirit!

    Tiago Duarte

  4. TomInc says:

    Unbelievable.. these are really just an insult to your work Chris. Inspiration is one thing, but this is just a disgrace!

  5. Brittany says:

    Now come on Smith Media is totally different..Oh wait no it isn’t they have just flipped the logo and turned it upside down! And there name isn’t all lower case they have added some Capital Letters in there..LOL !

  6. WOW! these are unbelievable. The nerve of some people!

    It just amazes me that people think this is OK to do. They obviously have no clue about design because not only have they ripped of your great work but they have managed to stuff up a good logo by the alterations they’ve made.

    Have you contacted any of the people involved? Has VividWays considered trademarking it?

  7. I like Smith Media, instead of thinking how can I do something similar, I know what I’ll take an already produced logo and flip it upside down ha! I wonder what McDonalds would say if you did it to theirs??

  8. Emyr Tabrizi says:

    I personally think Smith Media is a complete insult to your creativity. I hope there reputation suffers!!

    Fancy trading with that logo when they create I-phone apps.

  9. Chris, we really appreciate and get inspired from your work. Copying original work is disgusting.

  10. Tobias says:

    In my opinion a case for the lawyers!

    A great example for potential clients who think they don’t need a professional designer with long year experience and rather have some amateur or kid on a crowdsourcing site do it for almost nothing.

    Thanks for letting the net know.
    I’ll keep this bookmarked.

  11. Townend says:

    I look forward to the day someone rips off my work – I think I’d feel a sense of satisfaction and validation myself.

  12. I’m not sure what to comment as this stuff happens all the time and yet I still don’t know the solution for this artwork rips. What’s your next step Chris?

  13. CameronD says:

    I can’t bilieve how some of these have just blatantly lifted your design! Shamefull!

  14. Simon Hall says:

    I must admit I do sometimes use other logos I like for inspiration, but I’d never be so blatant as to just turn one upside down and pass it off as my own. I bet those have been done by those w*ankers who sell logo design on ebay for £2.99. You should sue their arses Chris.

    • Peter says:

      Not a rip. Chris is not the first person to use a ribbon effect logo that uses rainbow gradient transitions. I’m sure he used something like as his inspiration for the VW logo. This logo uses a flat ribbon and the shape is completely different. One can be inspired by designs and adapting them without it being a rip.

    • Peter says:

      Not a rip either. Otherwise anyone who has ever used a Gloss effect or a metallic finish on a logo ripped off the very first guy who did it.

  15. Phil says:

    It’s a gorgeous logo and such a shame to see it ripped off like this.

  16. Jessica Lee says:

    Whoa…those 5 logo designs are pretty much the same design as yours!!! What a shame! They could have at least spent more time to make it look more different! Your post just reminded me about the importance of having an online portfolio…so people know your design is the original one when others steal your work!
    LEDvision looks exactly like yours! Are you going to go after any of them for stealing your work?

  17. Luis Lopez says:

    That’s just Awesome!!!

    Your Logo is such famous, that is everywhere, in the best logo tutorials, best colorful logos, best dinamic logos, best VW logos etc…
    Is not difficult to know you made the original.

    That’s sad how “designers” copy others really designers work.
    But a great designer knows his work is the original and other are just trying to copy it, and don’t butter complaining about it.
    I’ve already seen designers making a whole buch of problems because someone made a logo similar.
    You Know you’re the best, that’ all and this is an excellent way to take this flattere/copy situation to the next level.

  18. Philip Brown says:

    As you say, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery” but that really is a joke! I guess the only thing you can take from it is that you did an awesome job!

  19. Ray Vellest says:

    Isn’t it great to have your logo ripped off? There are few designers that share this honor. Weird, but kind of cool.

  20. themisfit says:

    the original logo is awesome.

  21. Laura says:

    what did they do to your beautiful logo??? :(

  22. Ha, nothing I can say here apart from losers. What really makes me laugh is that none of the companies initials are “VW” so the shape of the logo isn’t even relevant to the companies.

  23. Jason Day says:

    sorry – here’s the image as the post isn’t public.

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  25. Auzeras says:

    Some of those potentially could have been legitimate origional designs that coincidentally looked like yours… Web2point gets that benifent of doubt. At least th recreated it rather than stealing your exact one.

    the rest are just god awful rip offs. Smith media and that IT lot are some of the lowest sad sacks I have witnessed. Weymouth are just as bad.

  26. -MA- says:

    Some are rip offs, but the “B” logo is only similar style. You can’t copyright colours.

  27. Deepesh says:

    Oh man, this is so bad, in so many levels. Seriously!?!

  28. philip says:

    Hi Chris,

    I always draw inspiration from other designers but never copy. I recently had my design ripped too and was actually pointed out to me by a client, what are you supposed to do as a designer if you find that someone has taken your design and made it their own,

  29. mark says:


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