Chris Spooner

26 Nov

Today I received my new Underwater Case for my Flip UltraHD camcorder. This is the new version for Gen2 Flips. After some research I’m pretty sure a lot of people mistook the first version as being compatible with UltraHDs and as a result a lot of cameras were broken.

This one seems fine however! Although it’s currently only available in the USA, apparently Pure Digital faced problems with EU regulations, or so I was told in my email to them. Update: Looks like it is actually available in the UK now!

I managed to source mine with thanks to (and a big thanks to everyone else who offered to help out), who purchased and shipped the item on my behalf.

If you have a Flip UltraHD, and want an underwater case, make sure you buy this one:
…and not this one:
(Notice the orange side button as the main visual clue)

PS: Did I really fool anyone with my little trick?

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  1. You did actually have me fooled for a second, then I thought youtube had broken lol!! Nice video, you planning on taking it on your hols?

  2. ..and me! It went black and I thought ‘uh oh..shit!’ haha :p

  3. Dave says:

    you’re a brave man! :)

  4. Arun says:

    You fooled me too. :)

  5. Thomas Sausen says:

    Do you use yout Flip UltraHD often? With which cam do you make your videos here?

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