Chris Spooner

23 Mar

We were recently considered for a young male that came into the Lab rescue that we’re registered with, but they had second thoughts with him being quite full-on, so we’re hoping to be matched up with one of the upcoming dogs over the next couple of weeks. We’re not fussed at all on the ‘spec’ of the dog at all compared to many of the other applicants, so it can’t be much longer. A lot of people seem to be very adamant about what dog they want; they MUST have a female, or it must be a certain colour, but we said we’re not bothered what colour, gender etc, just that we’d like a fairly young dog.

Anyway, over the weekend we went to see Cesar Millan as part of his UK tour. It was a fab night and was great to experience his personality and vibrancy in person. He’s definitely one funny guy!


  1. It’s cool! Very nice man :)

  2. Igor says:

    Love Cesar Millan, and I’ve read some of his stuff. I wish you to bond well with the dog when you get her.

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