Chris Spooner

17 Oct

We’ve completely finished off the bedroom decor now after shuffling bedroom furniture into place. We then invited my Grandparents out for a meal, then to have a tour off the house combined with some family Guitar Hero’ing.

We’re creating a mini video diary series to document our new house purchase, if you fancy keeping up with the vids please subscribe over at, or by RSS here at


  1. You’ll have to let the Grandparents know they made it to the middle of the United States. I’m watching from Saint Joseph, Missouri.

  2. Harry Ford says:

    I love Nans!!! :) Keep the videos coming Chris have enjoyed watching them.

  3. chris spooner says:

    my name is chris spooner 2!!!! i added you on facebook. :)

  4. jayr browne says:

    seems like you guys were having alot of fun. you live a interesting life man. im in nevis right now.

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