Chris Spooner

09 Nov

Tonight is the night our friends finally come over to check out our new house, approx 6 weeks after moving in! We head out to the supermarket to grab some supplies, then have fun with plenty of Guitar Hero madness in the evening.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve done motor head on expert, on drums!!

  2. Laura you should have parked in parent and child spaces! You had Chris in the car :P

  3. Chris says:

    Chris, you’ve got some drumming skills ; )

    Holding it down for the true design rock stars. Are you any good on the guitar?

  4. Linzi Ellis says:

    Is This legal without permission trouble!!!!!

  5. @Sarah – You’ll have to come round next time and show everyone how it’s done!

    @Matt – I think that security guard would have had a thing or two to say about that!

    @Chris – Haha I’ve been practicing! I’m not too good on the Guitar, too many fast finger switches.

    @Linzi – Hehehe! Can’t you remember signing the model release form and contract allowing full use of video footage in whole or part…? :-)

  6. linzi ellis says:

    no i cant!!!!

  7. lol@Slightly odd way of playing drums
    That security guard didn’t like you at all! :P

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