Chris Spooner

03 Nov

Over the weekend I scheduled up the next Sites of Weekly post for my Line25 web design blog. In this week’s collection we have designs from Adii Rockstar, Denise Chandler, Adlucent, Glue and Andreas Hinkel Celtic Football Club.
Here’s a little insight into the process of screengrabbing the sites, and listing them out in blog post format.

Keep an eye out for the post this Friday (6th November) on Line25, and add your comments letting me know which site is your personal fav!

Also, I’m using Vimeo for this vid – I tend to like YouTube for the ability to play videos on the iPhone, but Vimeo sometimes seems to have better quality. Which is your favourite player?

Awesome music courtesy of Schizzofunk

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  1. Glad you moved to vimeo this time. For all intents and purposes i find youtube better. Especially in the free embeded HD quality sense.

    But heck, how can a designer not be drawn in by the vimeo site/interface.

    That and the front end player is 10000000x cooler than bootube:D

  2. Nice selection their. How did you do the 3D effect on the websites?

  3. They’re both fine. But you’re right, the quality of the video is better.

    Like you’re ‘making of’ videos. Always nice to see them.

  4. nick s says:

    what is that window on ur macbook pro screen

  5. @ nick s: That’s TweetDeck, a Twitter client for Mac, Windows and Linux

  6. Vasili says:

    I personally prefer vimeo’s site design/player, but I like YouTube for it’s ability to play on my iPod.

    And something completely random, but kinda related: your 24″ display is so shiny that I want to steal it.

  7. Hellllllloooooooo! (LOL!)

    Your face looks too zoomed in a bit. :)

    Thanks for showing us your process. Oh, and my favorite is Adii’s new blog design. It’s awesome! Mr. Tim did a great job with it.

  8. vimeo lover says:

    you know vimeo just rules. yes, no play on iphone but that will change. if you turned off tweetdeck just think how much more productive you’d be :). Great stuff!


  9. Diane says:

    I prefer youtube, sometimes vimeo es pretty slow in my browser, I dunno why…

    One question: are you using Dreamweaver?

  10. Luis Lopez says:

    I really prefer Vimeo instead of youtube but i don’t know why I can upload videos there.
    I would like to know how many time did you spend on the post production of this video, because you filmed it with at least 3 different cameras.

  11. @Greg Definitely, I love the Vimeo interface too.

    @Daniel I used Screenflow for the screen recording, it’s a built in feature!

    @Glenn Thanks for checking them out, and yup, it is indeed Tweetdeck. Sits in the corner and distracts me from my work all day!

    @Vasili Haha thanks, I love the 24″. Glad I went for it with the MacBook.

    @Design Informer We’re all friends here! Nothing wrong with getting close up and personal hahaha!

    @Vimeo Lover I think I’ll keep Vimeo for design related posts, and YouTube for personal vlogs.

    @Diane No Dreamweaver for me, I use Coda.

    @Luis I recorded the main vid with my Flip, then the screens with Screenflow and a short burst with the iSight, but scaling it up to HD size didn’t fair too well! :-)

  12. Chris says:

    This was great. Appreciate the time and attention to detail on the editing. Makes things interesting ; ) Cheers.

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