Chris Spooner

13 Aug

I recently stumbled across a handy Photoshop shortcut for us Mac users. What has always bugged me is how it’s impossible to toggle through the layer blending modes with the mouse scrollwheel, like you can in Windows. Fear not! Simply hit SHIFT and the + or keys to toggle back and forward quickly and easily. Here’s a mini screencast explaining the process:


  1. Wow, that’s a great screencast. Handy for Photoshop users who use this functions all time.

    And a quick question: How do you get that Apple icon for your layer name?

  2. The Apple logo was created after following Niki Brown’s Quick Tip.

    Basically it’s a symbol available in the Helvetica font.

  3. Great tip! Actually I thought there was another way to fix this, but I can’t remember it. I teach Photoshop (ao) so now I can make my students happy!

  4. You made my life so easy by sharing this. Huge 10x!

  5. Brilliant! This has really been bugging me. Thanx Chris!

  6. Joaquin De Lara says:

    Thanks Chris!!!!… y hated that when I changed to Mac… very handfull.

    It worked too when you use a brush to switch blending mode before paint!!! ;)

  7. Thanks for sharing this! As you know, I changed from Windows to Mac at the beginning of next month, and that was the first fault I had with it! It was a pain not being able to view all the different blending modes but just pressing the up and down keys but now I can! Thanks again! :)

  8. Thanks so much. I also was very disappointed because I couldn’t change the blending mode. Now I tried and it works. But in my MacBook Pro only works the shift and – .

  9. skydog says:

    You just made my life a whole lot easier!!!!!
    Thank you so much Spooner :)

  10. hadi says:

    thank you soooooooo much ……………………………………….

  11. Pulock says:

    Thanks for the tip, Chris. But when I am in ‘Blending Options’ and choose a layer style such as ‘Drop shadow’ and change the blending modes by keyboard? how to do that? Please, help me out..

  12. Carol Parker says:

    I’m trying this with Photoshop CC and Mavericks and it doesn’t work. Has something changed?

  13. Deb Gum says:

    This is great but for some strange reason I can only cycle through in one direction, with Shift and – (minus). Shift and + (plus) do nothing.
    Any thoughts?

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