Chris Spooner

02 Oct

I give my office a lick of paint. Pink paint to be exact. But don’t worry I haven’t joined the Barbie fan club, it’s Crown’s Indicoat paint – It goes on pink, but dries white to allow you to see where you have painted between coats. Let’s see if it actually works…

Otherwise the lounge is coming along nicely in the new house, so after a day of work I kick back with some more play time with my infamous helicopter!

We’re creating a mini video diary series to document our new house purchase, if you fancy keeping up with the vids please subscribe over at, or by RSS here at


  1. Alex Rogahn says:

    Poor Laura, you always frighten her!! Gosh your such a meanie! ;P

    Interesting paint really :P

  2. Bryan Beaudreault says:

    I just caught up on all the videos; I’m jealous! The house is coming a long nicely, congrats!

  3. Remus says:

    lol Chris du you know Mr Bean ? ^^
    Office pink is special…

  4. My fiancée would kill me if I made her jump like that!

  5. Gordy says:

    I love the steel color. I might steal the idea. BTW I love scaring my wife in the same manner.

    You’re really good at steering the heli.

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