Chris Spooner

11 Oct

Ikea visits our house to drop off some goodies for our new bedroom, then I get on with updating my office area with new floor, blind and light fitting. I’m going for plain white walls with oak woodwork. All I need now is some white gloss storage units, which will hopefully reduce some of the echo!

We’re creating a mini video diary series to document our new house purchase, if you fancy keeping up with the vids please subscribe over at, or by RSS here at


  1. Shane says:

    I wish there was an Ikea store near me. You can’t order some stuff on their website and the closest store is almost 200 miles away.

  2. Wish I had two separate rooms for my bedroom and office ;) :p

  3. David Airey says:

    You’re fairly getting the hang of these video posts, Chris. :) Great stuff.

  4. Glenn Van Bogaert says:

    Nice videos. Are you going to post pictures too, when it is all finished?

  5. @Shane, we’re lucky that we’re between two Ikea stores, although I certainly know what you mean about the online deliveries. We ordered a bunch of stuff then had to pick up the rest, only to find out a couple of items weren’t in stock!

    @Callum, haha don’t worry. Some of the most famous sites out there were started from a bedroom.

    @David Cheers! How’s your video experimentation going? Created any content since your initial vid?

    @Glenn, thanks. Pics are coming soon, we’re almost finished up so some kind of before and after shots would be cool.

  6. Ginny Le says:

    Nice clip, love the floor but are those light enough for the room? ^_^

  7. Ginny Le says:

    Nice clip, love the floor but are those lights enough for the room? ^_^

  8. Not only handy with adobe products then Chris!

    Nice job on the floor, I’m always jealous when I see someone getting a nice new office.. my time will come !

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product

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