Chris Spooner

25 Aug

Me and Laura decided to head out and buy Guitar Hero World Tour, but had no luck finding any stock. Today we try calling a local store and head down to pick up the last remaining Guitar Hero pack for the Wii from Toys R Us.


  1. Karinne says:

    HAHA!!! Been there! Done that! A few months ago, I spent 30 to 45 minutes on the phone trying to find one! And I finally did ;) They’re sold out everywhere.

  2. Jose Luis Murgas says:

    Yeah! Chris Rocks !

  3. Smarts says:

    Right On Chris ROCK OUT!!

  4. Vasili says:

    Haha! This is awesome. I love your vlogs in generally, but these are just so awesome. I’d love to see some more of these “real world adventures”. :D

  5. Joaquin De Lara says:

    hahahaha amazing! Listening the on hold music from the store and waving your head… sometimes I wish to be that patience

  6. Lmao, that made me laugh several times ;) Great video. One question: Why did you become a designer and not a drummer? ;)

  7. Alex Rogahn says:

    Lol “The quest of the Guitar Hero” You could make a lord of the rings spoof with that l :P

    I swear to god that Toys r’ us looks the EXACT same as the one in Preston I go to every now and then! xD

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