Chris Spooner


  1. Alex Rogahn says:

    Haha, your face when it started doing it’s own thing! Anyway, congratulations on your new printer and I wish you two many fun years of printing! :P

  2. MRichardson says:

    I just got a HP C4680, it acts the same way!

  3. Paul Gordon says:

    “It doesn’t look like what I printed” – Ah, the beauty that it the HP alignment chart thingy. I’ve got about 20 of them knocking around. I wonder if HP will refund me the ink wasted on them if I send them back?

  4. Josh says:

    Hey. Nice video. My HP does the same, it takes a while to turn it on and off. And always this annoying noise that it makes… Is this a good, QUIET printer out there somewhere????


  5. Vasili says:

    Your faces in these videos are so priceless! XD

    I really need to get a wireless printer. I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and now I can’t print over my network to my printer hooked up to my PC. :(

  6. I love my printer, I have a Canon MP610 – similar to yours but it’s not wireless! Mine makes all kinds of strange noises too, it cleans itself somehow… My Canon camera does the same!

  7. Rafael says:

    It’s weird how you’re used to the ways of a printer and then comes the new one and makes all this weird noises, because every new printer makes unexpected noises, and as i saw you i was thinking maybe everyone make faces when the new printer arrives, at least i know i’ve stared a printers in the same way you did hahaha and i agree with vasili’s first line :P

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