Chris Spooner

16 Dec

After attending multiple design events with no business cards whatsoever, I thought it was about time to get myself some fresh designs printed up. I always joke with people at conferences how after writing all these ‘design a print-ready business card‘ tutorials I really should have some myself, especially since I have about 5 potential print ready files just saved on my hard drive. Thanks to the awesome printing company Moo I finally have a series of cute MiniCards to give out in 2011.

As you can see from the photos I’ve gone for a super minimal approach regarding contact details, with the cards being more as a fun giveaway rather than for business purposes. For me, Twitter is the best way to keep in touch with people I’ve met at design events, and should a project opportunity arise in the future a DM or @reply is all it takes to get the ball rolling.

Thanks to Moo’s awesome Printfinity technology I was also able to customise the cards, splitting the pack of 100 into 4 different designs each with a different ‘Hello’ message – All of which are things I’m likely to say as an ice-breaker in real life!

The quality of the Moo cards is top notch so I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fresh set of cards. Their MiniCards in particular are super cute and a conversation starter itself due to their unusual size.

For anyone interested in the step by step process of how this design was created, check out my tutorial on Blog.SpoonGraphics:

Hopefully I’ll see many of you at an event in 2011 to give one out in person.


  1. Teo Atienza says:

    You’re my idol! LOL good job Chris ;)

  2. hey its relay good I loved it

  3. Phil Readman says:

    I think you pulled the…

    “after writing all these ‘design a print-ready business card‘ tutorials I really should have some myself”

    with me at the netawards, well now you can use your cards as the ice breaker! Attending new adventures conf in Jan?

  4. Stuart says:

    They look great, Chris!

  5. Katty Garcia says:

    Another work of inspiration to me! Thanks Chris :D

  6. Nice and funny work ;-)

  7. tebe says:

    You really have some awkward ice-breakers up your pocket man. Not to imply I’m a socially awesome person myself. ;)

  8. Patrick says:

    Wow! Very iconic!

  9. Sahus Pilwal says:

    Awesome cards… Just checked out Moo, think I might have our new business cards printed with them!!!

  10. Mike Scott says:

    Have to agree, i got some cards done at moo and after being skeptical about online print quality when they arrived i was amazed at the quality.

  11. Thanks for the kind comments everyone!
    @Phil – Yep I’ll be at NA, see you there!

    @tebe – The weather is always a good conversation topic ;-)

    @sahus – Definitely check them out, I’m sure you’ll be happy with them.

  12. Pen Hunt says:

    FABULOUS CARDS and I love your website design and logo 2 !!!

  13. Gary Revell says:

    Chris these cards are fantastic.

  14. Hedaru says:

    Cool one. I don’t even think you’ll print it as a real one.
    Inspired me to make one!

  15. shruti iyer says:

    well i am realy new to this graphic designing and stuff, but i cant figure out what is so awesome about the vcards!!

  16. Lee Gustin says:

    Love the idea and the minimalism Chris! Even though the only contact info is @chrisspooner, the thought behind that makes complete sense :)

  17. OMG, good job Chris, I love it!

  18. Hi Chris,
    Nice cards. I have just one question: where the hell you wrote your personal informations? :D

  19. DTM says:

    super sweet!

  20. Awesome cards! It’s an evolution of the traditional business card into an online/offline hybrid that I like. Good thinking!

  21. Kasia says:

    Great job! My favorite is “Lovely weather, Is not it?” :) Especially in the UK:)

  22. gub says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for that suggestion and inspiration, I got my minicards and you are right, the moo service is awesome!

  23. Saqib says:

    Very Creative Design .Good Job Man

  24. Helena says:

    Haha great :D I love your face on the cards… looks kind of funny :D

  25. Marko says:

    Really god idea. :)

  26. srinufx says:

    Yeh! Chrish, you’re awesome.

  27. raja says:

    i like your creativity…keep it up..

  28. Brian Terry says:

    Hi Chris – I really like your minimalist approach to this and even using a card size that’s unusual also works great.

    The messages have got to be great conversation starters!

    I’ve used Moo before and their service is first rate. Thanks!

  29. Christine says:

    Awesome design on your cards!

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