Chris Spooner

04 Aug

I’ve had my iPhone for a week now, and have spent plenty of time browsing for apps to play with. Here’s a brief overview of the apps I’m rocking with so far, most are free, but there’s a couple of cheap premium apps in there. Feel free to give your suggestions or recommend your favs!

My Apps



A handy app from Tapbots that allows conversion of various units. Also has one sweet interface design!


A must download app for all geeks. Turn your iPhone into a lightsaber. Enough said!


Tap Tap Revenge

A fun game from Tapulous, has a bunch of tracks available and is highly addictive.


The popular Shazam app listens for music, then searches for the artist and song title. This has been amazingly accurate on the couple of occasions I’ve used it.



Handy app that allows easy updating of your WordPress blog, with features allowing local drafts and the ability to insert images directly from iPhone.


A useful app to keep track of your workouts. Has a thorough database of exercises, and allows you to track your reps and weights.



You never know when this app might come in handy, definitely worth keeping stored for reference.


One of many local service finders, AroundMe has pretty good reviews. Yet to try it out myself.


Warpack Grunts

I’m not too much of an iPhone gamer, but when I stumbled across this Cannon Fodder style app I couldn’t resist!


TweetDeck is my favourite desktop Twitter client, so it makes sense to sync my columns directly to iPhone.



I’m keeping an eye out on my server shenanigans with the AreMySitesUp iPhone app. Complete with Push notifications.

What The Font

The super handy service from MyFonts has its own app. Great for designers out and about spying tasty new fonts.


TV Guide

Easy way to find out what’s on the box.


Brilliant app for listening to your Last.FM library while on the move.


Run Keeper (Lite)

A cool GPS related app that tracks your progress during a run, cycle or other form of transportation.


Keep up to date with friends with the Skype iPhone app.

What are your favourite apps?

Got a recommendation? Let me know your top five apps!


  1. After a week!? I think you’re an ‘App Whore’ already.

    Glad you’re enjoying it!

  2. Matt Hamm says:

    Always interesting to see what iPhone apps other people have. There is a few you have there which I might have to just download right now, Thanks! especially ‘Are my sites up’ Great post.

  3. Vasili says:

    I’ve only bought two apps for my iPod so far: Tweetie and iStats. I really bought iStats for it’s amazing looking UI. Plus I can get some memory back when I think I need it. ;)

  4. choise says:

    ConvertBox. Great interface design, but do you use it much?

  5. Neil Gilbert says:

    Nice post. it’s always interesting to see other people’s iphone apps and preferences. You’ve covered most of my favorites here.

  6. Max Beatty says:

    Nice showcase of your apps. It’s getting harder to find good ones since there are so many out there now. My top five:

    1. Tweetdeck (love it too)
    2. Brightkite
    3. Things
    4. ESPN ScoreCenter
    5. Darts

  7. Matt Hamm says:

    My Top 5 iPhone Apps are:

    National Rail
    Google Analytics
    Flight Track

    + 1 more

  8. webguru says:

    i can hardly say i can´t comprehend your feelings about the new iphone. i got mine since 3 weeks, and im starting to delete one or another app.

    around me and shazaam is also on my one.
    i recommend those also:

    FREE ez level (digital water-level)

    Stealth (tones you must have heard, got a timer, so you can drive people really crazy)

    Allrecipies (what do you wanna cook today)

    Cocktails (the app is a bit slow but has mighty library)

    Paper Toss (the best office-idiot´s-game now on screen)

    Labyrinth 3D ( !pure iphone experience )

    Quadnix (if you master this game you can start chess)

    hope you like one of them …

  9. Jen says:

    My favs:
    Google Analytics
    FTP On The Go
    SimpleMindX (A must have for mind mapping)

  10. I have had my iPhone for about 2 weeks now and have a lot of the same apps you do!

    My favorites are:

    Great collection Chris. Cheers!

  11. Sue says:

    I think my favorite non game aps are:
    Epicurious (recipe ap)
    RjDj (music ap)
    Ghostly Discovery (another music ap.)
    Finger Beat (making your own music ap)
    The Hidden Park (just look at it! It’s so neat! I got it when it was on sale)

    Then every other ap I have other than twitter/delicious/photoeditors are all games. My iPhone replaced my Nintendo DS… not my cell phone, since I’ve had it for 3 months and made less than 10 phone calls on it.

  12. Daniel says:

    I use: tweeterrific lite (ads) which is very smooth; Keeper for my lack of memory on those top secret things; Classics for some cultural education (or Stanza if I ever become a bookworm); TED for watching inspiring ideas; Photo Utility for rotating and cropping; TiltMeter Pro for handy man stuff; Ragdoll Blast is my game of choice; Shaker & Drum Kit Lite for 2 second entertainment; OldBooth for making my family laugh.
    Nightstand was kinda disappointing.

  13. Jeny says:

    You have a cool collection of Apps but i would like to add few cools apps like iWound the fashion and art mag, Bike hugger, Metter read Vopium (VoIP) and Face book.

  14. Luis Lopez says:

    I use the WordPress and the arround me apps like you, but I also have:
    google mobile app: all the google accounts and voice search
    simple mindX: it explain it self
    Domainer: you can track the alexa and google rank of the sites you want,
    facebook: don’t need explanation.
    Paypal: if you want to track you account.
    Evernote: sync with the website
    Read it later: bookmarks

    that’s all Chris

  15. trinh says:

    Check please

  16. McBonio says:

    The G-Park application is superb (if you lose your car like i “occasionally” do ;)

  17. Dave Sparks says:

    RunKeeper is a great app – well worth the cost of the upgrade to Pro though for the audio cues

  18. Iain Broome says:

    Nice collection and always a pleasure to find a fellow Sheffielder!

  19. Ego is a great little app i’d recommend! :)

  20. Chris Aldridge says:

    you’ve got to get Groundspeak’s Geocaching App. Was never a geocacher before but this app turns everywhere you go into one big fun treasure hunt. I love the virtual world/Real world cross over.

  21. ARiadna says:

    I spend a lot of time to find an app to control the little projects that I do like a freelance. Timewerks is the solution.
    Thanks & congratulations Chris, all of your blogs, and tutorials are amasing!
    (sorry for my english :P)

  22. shamseer cpc says:

    you ar my ahro plin yous all the pipol welcom

  23. Biko says:

    What are you talking about he is not a app whore so just be quiet k

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