Chris Spooner

22 Sep

We’ve shipped over various boxes full of our belongings into our new home and began stripping off the old wallpaper. Due to the fridge being pretty empty we’ve been living off fast food, I can’t wait until we do the big shop and fill the cupboards with real food!

We’re creating a mini video diary series to document our new house purchase, if you fancy keeping up with the vids please subscribe over at, or by RSS here at


  1. Random video but cool effects and nice editing :) good luck in the new home mate!

  2. Remus says:

    Good luck Chris for your wallpaper

  3. I agree with Stu, nice editing! What program do you use?

    Moving is fun, I hope you enjoy it! :-)

  4. Getting there slowly but surely! I hate stripping wallpaper, it’s the worst job ever… When we moved into the house we’re living in now, there were about 10 layers of the stuff on my walls – damn that was annoying! ;)

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