Chris Spooner

25 Nov

I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to finally create my moto vlog helmet cam setup video. Today I show you how I mount my GoPro Hero 2 to my motorcycle helmet, and how I installed the mic to record my voice.

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  1. friedcpu says:

    Hey Chris,
    Could you name the individual mounts specifically that you use with your helmet, I have found the GoPro adhiesive mount, but can’t see how you adapt it with the other mounts.

    The reason I ask is I have a Contour+2, and I have since found out that mounts are sucky, I’ve found a GoPro adapter, which basically converts any GoPro mount to a 1/4″ thread that the contour can use, but I want it further out from the helmet, so there isn’t so much helmet in the frame.

    Thanks for your time

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