Chris Spooner


  1. keyz says:

    aww i really enjoyed that. poor little jakey

  2. Vasili says:

    Aw he looked so sad. :(

  3. emil says:

    do you have kids or something ?!

    why do you keep him in that cage !??!?!?!

  4. Nawww, porr little guy. Hope the drugs where off soon so he can cheer up and get back to being his normal self!

  5. @emil This pretty much explains the whole concept of crate training –
    Mr. Jake loves his little den. He obviously doesn’t see at as anything negative as he often goes in there of his own accord for a nap with the door wide open.

  6. Aww – poor Jake! He doesn’t like that satellite much, does he?

    We have two chocolate Labrador Retriever females and those cones for their heads are the worse – they turn our normally energetic and fun loving pups into the saddest creatures ever. You can’t help but feel mean for putting them in them.

    We also have done crate training and our pups love their “dens” – we don’t even have to close the doors anymore.

    Hope Jake has a speedy recovery and returns to his normal self soon!

    Feel free to check out our Labrador Brats Blog ( and let Jake know he is not alone.

    Labrador smiles!

  7. He is adorable! Looks very well behaved already (before the op when he was himself!). Has he settled down a lot now? :)

  8. Cook says:

    so much adorable and cute

  9. We all have to lose our balls some time don’t we?, well hypothetically speaking. Nice work Jake. Keep up the dog pounces.

  10. emil says:

    well …. it’s like that old saying : if you’ve slept on a board your entire life , a bed will seem very uncomfortable to you .

    it’s not about being bad … it’s about being better .

    i’ve had dogs my entire life … my advice to you is stop training him . reason with him . respect him . he will amaze you all his life if you allow him . if you don’t … he will just be another ‘fetch boy’ dog . he is most likely smarter than most people you encounter throughout your day .

    he needs 3 rules in his life :

    ‘drop it’, ‘come here’ and ‘no’.

    i have my dog for about 7 years now .. no training whatsoever … never chewed , never bothered anyone and i’ve gotten her to the point where i don’t have to say anything . i just whistle and she knows that whatever she is doing is wrong and she stops doing it in a split second .

    and oh .. under no circumstances , never ever hit your dog , not even a small tap on the paws .

    why do i know that what i’m doing is right !? because at 7 and a half years old when theoretically she should start feeling the pressure of old age she is as full of life as she was when she was just a pup .

    dogs that go through training and strict rules for “problems that cause stress and anxiety to pet owners” lose that relatively early in their life .

    people need to understand that having a dog is just like being married … it sure as hell ain’t going to be easy and you have to make a lot of compromises .

    you can’t treat him like a pet … it’s a person . in many ways it’s a lot better than a person actually … and a whole lot better than being married :)).

    but hey … i could be wrong …

    just a friendly advice … good luck with him .

  11. Thoubaan says:

    oh my… this dude is out of his mind over here. dude you should totally get a life and listen to some daft punk face to face and chill out, preferably without your dog?

    and chris, you should like delete this guys weird comments man, people like him totally cramp your already very cool persona.

    one love.

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