Chris Spooner


  1. Julandrew! says:

    Cute video! Music fits perfect! Thanks!

  2. Adam Egginton says:

    Someone had lots of fun! Hes so much better behaved then when you first got him!

    Keep em coming Chris!

  3. That’s a pretty impressive bunch of well trained dogs! Walking round the fields here you tend to see lots of dogs barking at each other, ha! Keep the good work up, Jake seems very happy! :D

  4. Chris Rowe says:

    Ahhhh to be a dog for a day eh?

  5. Alex Mcvitie says:

    I agree with callum, usually around my way dogs all bark at each other!
    Great work Chris you must be very proud of howmuch he’s learned over the past month or so :) ….i had to laugh at the end tho he look soo beat! lol

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