Chris Spooner

08 Aug

Today was the day we experienced the unusual sensation of rolling down a grassy hill in a giant inflatable ball – Also known as zorbing. Me and Laura headed up to Spheremania in Leeds to get strapped in to an oversized sphere and went rolling head over heels until slamming into a large safety net at the bottom of the hill.

The only way of describing it would be to imagine being inside a washing machine on a slow cycle, then throw in a few girly screams and plenty of laughter. Here’s a few of our snaps and a video of some of the other zorbers.





  1. Where do you start to go about doing something like this? What would I search for?

  2. Diane says:

    Cool. : P

  3. Tylor Skory says:

    How exactly are you secured inside of it? Obviously you aren’t just flopping around freely. Are you strapped by your arms and legs or what?

  4. @ John – Depending where you’re based try Googling for zorbing or sphereing in your area? I guess it comes under all kinds of names!

    @Tylor – That’s right, you’re strapped in with a harness and velcro straps around your feet.

  5. oddFrogg says:

    Now that looks like fun! Just added it to my bucket list which, thankfully, keeps getting longer and longer.

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