Chris Spooner

07 Oct

Continuing my DIY adventures I get round to mounting those shelves from the previous video, and cut down a total of 8 blinds to size. Made-to-measure blinds would have cost us about 8 gerzillion-billion quid so we bought individual units that could be cut to size.

However, I foolishly took the measurements from the first aluminium blind I cut to size and used them on the wooden blind, but it turned out the wooden blinds were shorter to begin with. The result – A waste of time, an unusable blind and a sad Chris.

At least I learnt my mistake on this first blind and managed to install the rest of them without any issues!

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  1. Chris & Glyn says:

    Don’t beat yourself up too much about the “blind” mistake. We’ve all done that kind of thing in our youth. Remember that trite old saying ” Measure twice – cut once” – it’s actually pretty good advice isn’t it!

  2. Remus says:

    And your office ? nice work you are bricoman :)

  3. Look pretty nice! We got made-to-measure blinds, and they cost a bomb, my parents a bomb that is ;)

    When drilling holes in the wall, get someone to hold a hoover underneath to collect the dust etc whilst you’re drilling, saves a lot of time :)

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