Chris Spooner

25 Oct

A brief check-in video to let you know what I’ve been up to recently. I played one of my little tricks and positioned a pretty scary looking meerkat peeking through the kitchen window, but it keeps backfiring when it catches my eye and gives me a startle!
Otherwise I do some top secret undercover filming while dropping off some donations at the charity shop, and visit the tip to dump some junk.

Any thoughts on a name for the evil Meerkat? Comments below!

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  1. Jad Limcaco says:

    That meerkat looks great. I will have to try that!

  2. Sam De Decker says:

    That monster is so great! :D So funny

  3. That meerkat is pimp!

  4. Kevin Holesh says:

    That meerkat bears a striking resemblance to the animated guy at the bottom of your site.

    Long lost brothers?

  5. David Bolton says:

    How about Sam? Because he is one ‘Scary Ass Meerkat’

  6. McBonio says:

    Lists arrrggghh I have them daily, people seem to think if you work from home you aren’t really at work! Or your mates call you to chat like you have nothing better to do!

    btw in the russian meerkat spirit how about calling him Mikhail? lol

  7. Alright mate, hows things? Been enjoying reading your blog over the past few weeks, as it’s been quite topical.

    My girlfriend and I are just in the process of buying a house at the minute and should be moving in around December time (fingers crossed!). Never thought I’d be getting excited over buying hoovers and dishwashers haha.

    Registered my personal domain yesterday (.me), and going to get the blog set up this week and hopefully start documenting my progress too! Be handy to share ideas, I’ve been severely lacking inspiration for some of the rooms and been messing about in google sketch up (pretty cool).

    Anyway, give us a shout on msn or twitter (or google wave).

    Speak soon mate!

  8. patrick says:

    IMP Insane Meerkat Posse uh of 1

  9. Arcticflea says:

    Milton the Meerkat? rocks. We put a broken fridge freezer on our local group, and someone came and picked it up the next day – it’s amazing what people want!

    oo oo – what cam did you use for the top secret filming sequence?

    Flea :)

  10. Cheers everyone!
    @David – He sure is scary! Sam is a cool name.

    @McBonio – Haha everyone knows that people who work from home play computer games all day!

    @John Congrats on the house in advance! Glad to hear you’re thinking out doing a blog of the moving in process. Ours has been good fun and is funny to look back on. Be sure to remind me of the link when you’re up and running.

    @Flea – Will have to give freecycle a try, the guy at the shop certainly recommended it. The camera I use is a Flip Ultra HD, it was simply left dangling from the wrist strap :-)

  11. McBonio says:

    computer games? what are they? *I will have you know photoshop and notepad burn into my eyes for 13 hours a day solid..

    *this may not be strictly true

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