Chris Spooner

30 Oct

Tonight we head out bowling with some friends, and on the way I randomly do various impressions of emergency vehicles, ice-cream vans and Harley Davidson motorcycles… Like you do! Some people are so weird!

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  1. My fiancĂ©e says the exact same thing “i can’t get you off your computer, i hate it, it annoys me” hah!

  2. fontburger says:

    It’s true I make siren sounds all the time.

    Hey your car is backwards! cool! lol

    sweet vid!

  3. Jordan says:

    The Ice Cream Vans not as good as the loud siren :D Yay! lmao

  4. somoka says:

    You guys so cute !!

  5. @Callum They just don’t understand!

    @Fontburger Yey! I’m not alone haha!

    @Jordan Sirens ftw!

    @Somoka Thanks!

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