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11 Sep

Yesterday I went through the obligatory process of upgrading Mac OSX to the new Snow Leopard release. I had the disc sat around on my desk since it arrived from pre-ordering it back in August, but finally got round to setting aside an hour or so to leave the computer working.


06 Aug

Out of all the little gripes there are about the iPhone, I’d heard the battery life was one of them, but I didn’t realise the life of my 3GS would be SO short?! Granted, it’s my newest toy so I’ve been playing with all the features quite a lot, and it’s quite understandable that the battery is going to run down quicker when in full on gaming or web-surfing mode, but today I ran a little experiment that is seriously making me wonder whether my phone is actually faulty…


04 Aug

I’ve had my iPhone for a week now, and have spent plenty of time browsing for apps to play with. Here’s a brief overview of the apps I’m rocking with so far, most are free, but there’s a couple of cheap premium apps in there. Feel free to give your suggestions or recommend your favs!


15 Jul

I’m looking at getting myself dealt up with an iPhone over the next month or so, seeing as I’m probably the last person on the planet to own one! My current Vodafone contract is still in term until December, but I’ve sent off the letter of termination to get it ended early and pay up the remaining months. Hopefully the sale of my current handset will cover that initial cost.