Chris Spooner


  1. This reminded me about how I need to get some feng shui going at my computer table. Truly a mess at the moment…

    “I’m talking to the internet!” :D

  2. “what?”
    “I’m talking to the internet!”

    I chuckled :)

  3. 3rd says:

    ā€œIā€™m talking to the internet!ā€
    That killed me :D

  4. David Bolton says:

    lol, ‘I’m talking to the internet’, I bet that’s a sentence you never thought you would say.

  5. Shane says:

    Hi Chris, You seem to enjoy flat pack furniture alot more than me. Just wandered how you were getting on with the Flip Camcorder ? I am thinking of getting one myself. Have you got the UltraHD version ? Any feedback would be awesome, cheers.

  6. @Felix, @Greg, @3rd, @David – At least talking to the Internet is a better phrase than; “I’m talking to myself” – Which is basically what I am actually doing!

    @Shane I’ve had plenty of practice building flat pack stuff in my life, going back to my TV store job building TV stands!
    The Flip is going great, nice and portable and is a breeze to use. It is indeed the UltraHD. Low light quality isn’t too great as you can see in this vid, but good purchase all round.

  7. Remus says:

    ikea was easy :) construct in 1min34 nice

  8. Luis Lopez says:

    It really look more like a fridge than a storage unit, you can put some pictures on it and the perfect fridge is really to storage.

  9. Lee Webb says:

    Hi Chris, which unit is that exactly?

  10. ruswomemer says:

    delete plz.

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