Chris Spooner

14 Oct

The bedroom is coming along now with sleek black glass wardrobes, black glass worktops on the furniture and matt black feature wall. Laura’s vision for the bedroom design is coming together and is looking pretty cool, can’t wait to see it once it’s all in place.

We’re creating a mini video diary series to document our new house purchase, if you fancy keeping up with the vids please subscribe over at, or by RSS here at


  1. Keep ’em coming Chris.
    I defiantly think you should keep doing these once the house is complete.

  2. Vasili says:

    I agree with Daniel. I love the videos! Can’t wait to see the finished house. :)

  3. Wall came out nice ! How do you feel about the glass top desk? I had my eye on one, but wondered if it was irritating to use/difficult to keep clean ?

  4. naro says:

    omg, chris you are really share your personal live to the world, it’s easy if somebody from FBI try to hack your room now. ha.

  5. David Bolton says:

    Love the videos, changing rooms meets the gadget show, yeah keep em coming :-)

  6. Phil says:

    Great series of videos Chris, keep them coming!

    Strange question… but what is the graphics tablet in the video? I’m in the market for one at the moment but there are so many to choose from. Thanks :)

  7. Jon says:

    Those black tops on the units in the bedroom, how do they fasten onto the units themselves? I have the bed, drawers and bedside cabinet… but no shiny glass… i want shiny glass!

    Loving the videos, keep them up!

  8. @Daniel, @Vasili, @David Cheers! Glad to hear you’re enjoying them. I’ll have to look into some general insights into my daily work maybe.

    @Greg The glass desk I’ve had for a few years. I’ve found it pretty good. I realised recently when working on the dining table that it doesn’t dig into my wrists like a squared-off edge of a wooden table. Gets the odd fingerprint but it’s nice overall.

    @Naro Haha that’s what it’s all about these days. I’ve found video a great way to get to know others, so I’m open to allowing people to get to know me.

    @Phil The tablet is a Wacom Bamboo, it’s one of the entry level tablets but is a good taster without spending major £s or $s. Now I’ve tested the water I’m tempted to go for an Intuos3, but I’ve got to weigh up the pen usage to cost ratio!

    @Jon The glass tops have little sticky tabs that hold them in place. It’s basically an Ikea showroom in the bedroom now, but it’s much cheaper than the alternative suite we had our eyes on!

  9. Good stuff man, I’ll definitely consider glass tops!

  10. Chris & Glyn says:

    A black wall – very cool.
    Thanks for the special “hello” to those of us in Canada, and yes we’re still watching, so keep them coming.

  11. jayr browne says:

    nice video chris. i like the color theme of the room. thumbs up

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