Chris Spooner

12 Nov

We make our (hopefully!) final trip to IKEA to buy some new office storage units. I also pick up a lime green shower curtain that looked like it could come in pretty handy as a green screen. Check out the test at the end where I head off around the world to New York, Hawaii and the Swiss Alps!

The green screen magic was simply created in iMovie09; I’m tempted to look into Final Cut to see if there’s any more advanced settings to play with!

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  1. Chris Rowe says:

    Thats IKEA Nottingham isn’t it. It’s down the road from me (5 mins).

    I may have to make a trip for my own chromakey needs :)

  2. JohnONolan says:

    Nice! Trips to Ikea are always fun, and I love the green-screen too, brilliant idea! :)

  3. Arron Davies says:

    Awesome green screen! works very well :D

  4. Remus says:

    Enorme excelent travail

  5. wow – a green screen for sites of the week. that IS a good idea!

  6. cool green screen idea! once the wrinkles are out it will be perfect :)

  7. Chris says:

    How slick is that. Green screen all the way!

  8. Haha excellent! You could do some pretty easy editing with that if you ever need to photograph your own objects for a design too! Great find! ;)

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @Chris – Cool! The Nottingham one is usually our first choice, but we’re also pretty close to the Leeds branch too.

    @John @Arron @Remus @Meredith @Shannon @Chris @Callum – Thanks all! Should work out pretty well with some tweaks. Tempted to wear my green t-shirt too for some creepy effects :-)

  10. David Airey says:

    Love the green screen effect, Chris. Very smart.

  11. AndyGaut says:

    Dude one word Genius.
    Who’d have known Ikea proved green screens :)

    I must admit tomorrow night is shopping night and I might stop at Ikea.

    Great idea for the sites of the week, think your on to a winner there

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