Chris Spooner

06 Jul

More height and tuck required!
For you enjoyment, I will now abuse my body while attempting a front flip.
I used to do a little trampolining when I was younger, but my skills seem to have dispersed over the years…


  1. paul says:

    that was fun! maybe you can do backflips next…

  2. Wills Bithrey says:

    Hah :) Nice Chris, looks like I need to come over and show you how it’s done :D!

  3. Wills Bithrey says:

    Oh, And when is it Jakes turn on the trampoline :P

  4. @paul I’m glad my pain and suffering gave you some amusement ;-)
    I keep wanting to try backflips, apparently they’re easier but I’m too much of a pansy.

    @Wills Are you a trampoline master? We’ve had Jake on the trampoline a couple of times. He goes crazy and bites anything that gets in his way – The mat, the net, your arms, or just thin air.

  5. Anna says:

    Ha ha! :))) Great video! And your flips aren’t bad! :)

  6. Laura says:

    yep, used to do a bit of trampolining – back-flips are MUCH easier! good effort Chris – your killing your bounce just as your about to do the flip – something I did all the time with front-flips (and something you never do with back-flips for fear of landing on your head!). Many you’ll get it Summer 2011? =D

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