Chris Spooner

15 Jul

I’ve just finished making some tweaks to the site here at Anyone who’s stopped by before might remember the previous social homepage that automatically updated with new tweets, updates from StumbleUpon and music discoveries from Last.FM. While it worked for a while I had always planned on rebuilding into something more personal, and I’ve eventually got round to doing so!


From now on the site will act as my third blog, but unlike Blog.SpoonGraphics or Line25, this one doesn’t have a definite focus on design. You can expect all kinds of content on here, basically anything that’s too small to fit on Blog.SpoonGraphics/Line25, too long to fit on Twitter and anything else from my life that I feel like sharing with the community.

The old design is still here, complete with illustrated scenery, weather changing stylesheets, and of course, Mushie the Monster. All that’s different is the addition of a central content panel, a bit of navigation and a complete overhaul and rebuild under the hood to pull it all together as a WordPress blog.





So, I hope to have you stick around. Be sure to subscribe for new content updates, or catch me on Twitter!


  1. Tom Sinclair says:

    Great to see you’ve kept Mushie!

    It’s always nice to have a more personal relaxed blog, thats what I’m using helloimtom for. Personal and work related things but not too serious!

    I hope it snows soon, not seen snowy Mushie before! Unlikely but it is Britain! :D

  2. _Etienne_ says:

    Ahhh, simple and original. Does the job perfectly! *thumbs up*! :)


  3. Tim Smith says:

    Great job Chris! I was actually here a couple of days ago and I really liked the design. The monster is pretty cool. I wish you the best in running three blogs! (Wow! I don’t know how you’re gonna do it but, I’m sure it will be great.)

  4. Vasili says:

    I love the mixture of textures: almost grungy at the top and crisp clean lines at the bottom. I’ll be sure to frequently check here! :)

  5. Sofia Darkslayer says:

    Nice, simple and to the point, love your blogs

  6. Sunil says:

    The design is really cool. It’s simple and attractive. It’s really awesome that you run 3 blogs now! Excited to read the coming posts on this blog.

  7. This is slick! Love the dynamic theme change based on the weather. Does that update automatically, or do you change it yourself?

  8. One Word: Smashing.

  9. By the way, all credit to the weather switcher goes to this fab article from CSS-Tricks

  10. Jimmy Liew says:

    It is an impressive idea. At least you won’t bored your reader with same theme. :)

    Keep it up.

  11. Looking nice but I am missing the “Categories” option.

  12. Does Mushie the monster automatically change you do you have to do it manually?

  13. Oridusartic says:

    Wow! The weather switcher is cool! Love it! If there’s also a trick for day and night switcher I’d be very happy to apply it on my site.

    btw, I heart this personal blog of yours. Feel so comfortable and friendly to read. =D

  14. mike says:

    Really cool design style, chris good luck with your new new website.

  15. hunter says:

    Hello, I am a from China designers, like your style.

  16. Joyce says:

    Hello Chris!I am a blogger from the Philippines and like too, I’ve several sites too hehe!Writing is a fascinating habit and it gives me comfort during bad days. I like your site design, very clean and attractive. But I am not a web designer so I cannot make my own design for my blog, I just used free template on the web.

  17. sparrowman says:

    hey,spooner,how are u?

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