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Our USA Road Trip Honeymoon

Highlights of our road trip between Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Barbara & LA as part of our honeymoon.

27 Apr

I had some fun in the woods with the Slo-Mo mode on my iPhone and my new medieval arrows.
Fun fact: The background music is Justin Bieber slowed down by 800%. The same song used during the slow motion scene at the end of the movie Dredd.

16 Apr

Now the weather is turning nice I’ve been enjoying a little archery practice in the local woods. This time I took my GoPro to capture some clips and edited together an overly dramatic movie.
I love traditional archery that uses instinctive shooting over any kinds of sights. I use a 35# Buck Trail Black Hawk flatbow.

27 Aug

My good friend Ric (Urbanpixels) kindly took me to the beautiful location of Sutton Scarsdale Hall to capture some shots of my completed custom bike project. His collection of photos are brilliant and really capture the atmosphere of the old ruined mansion as the setting sun provided some lovely warm lighting.